• Attracting mobile users who
  • TV/Radio and online
    advertising synchronization
    recognition unit
    Open API for
    all-kind advertising platforms integration
  • of the mobile advertising campaigns
    M.A.D.E. DMP – advanced analytics
    CRM and trackers data attribution
    automatic import of expenses
    integration with basic platforms
    prompt results analysis
  • Offline Remarketing Kit
    connects offline and online
    Hardware measurement of mobile
    advertising influence on outlets traffic
    Targeting of the online advertising campaigns
    at the visitors of physical stores

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Our Solutions

Applications promotion

Using our own technologies and our team’s huge professional experience we successfully show impressive results even in those fields where everyone else has failed

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Ads synchronization

60% of people use their smartphones while watching TV. Mediasync service helps to fully synchronize the internet and digital advertising

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Advanced analytics

Trackers data frequently appears to be not sufficient. M.A.D.E. is an original development which helps to facilitate and enhance the process of controlling the campaign effectiveness.

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Online + Offline

How to measure the online to offline conversion? ORK provides the analysis of users who saw the ad and visited the physical shopping spot afterwards.

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