М.A.D.E. - Mobile Advertising Data Expert - is a multipurpose platform for receiving, storing and analyzing of the extended data during the advertising campaigns

Two clicks add-up

The platform is integrated with the major advertising networks and mobile trackers, so adding up the new sources is possible literally in two clicks

CRM integration

To trace the events using other channels or analyze the client’s history M.A.D.E. can receive data from CRM via API

Data forever

We store the “raw” data for unlimited time so that in case of a new algorithm or a new idea the results could be reviewed all over again

O.R.K. compatible

The platform is fully integrated with Offline Remarketing Kit, which makes it possible to connect online campaign data with user’s offline behaviour
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The Platform Capabilities

  • visual analysis of a massive data amount
  • automatic import of expenses
  • integration with the main mobile trackers
  • interface for adding up your original data sources
  • upload of segments for retargeting
  • unprocessed data storage

Integrated data sources


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