Cross-Media Projects

Second year in a row we closely cooperate with major TV channels which enabled our clients to access exclusive inventory and unconventional opportunities

  • Projects involving not only Internet but also traditional media
  • Seamless integration of digital projects into TV broadcasting
  • Most powerful branding tools
  • Tremendous media outreach
  • Pinpoint TV and online advertising synchronization on the user’s level
  • Extensive analysis of the each media channel input

Why they choose us

  • Complete transparency of the budgets and expenses
  • The focus on the real business goals and not on the cost of installation
  • Professional team delivering excellent results
  • Original technologies reasonably improving the effectiveness
  • Timely and detailed reports


  • Александр Исаков

    Sociaro are real pros and great experts in Google

    Alexander Isakov OlympTrade, Head of PPC
  • Иван Петров

    A team which is really a pleasure to work with!

    Yury Pomortsev President of Game Garden, LLC

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